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Estonian golden breeders:
kennel Gypsy's Soul
kennel Chess SoPretty
kennel Terra Antyda
kennel Rogerwiek
kennel Lakewood
kennel Lyslyn Valley
kennel Meiepere
kennel Cayring
kennel Cosmo Angel

Important pages:
Federation Cynologique Internationale
Estonian Kennel Union
Golden Retriever Club of Estonia
Estonian Retrievers Society
Golden Ring
Dog club "Aktiiv"
Golden breeders from abroad:
kennel Garbank Lislone (Great Britain)
kennel Xanthos (Great Britain)
kennel Cheek to Cheek (France)
kennel The Morning Valley (Holland)
kennel Of Glen Sheallag (France)
kennel Daily Rays (Finland)
kennel Glenstone (Finland)
kennel Perfect Beast (Finland)
kennel Chaleur (Australia)

Flatcoat breeders from abroad:
kennel Chiccoxen (Finland)
kennel Of Glen Sheallag (France)
kennel Flareway (Finland)
kennel Flat Power (Finland)
kennel Flatkiss (Finland)
kennel Celtair (Finland)

Our friends:
My Brand labradors
kennel Royal Fantasy
Labradors Muff, Perla, Frodo, Silke
Golden retriever Yip
Golden retriever Remi
Labrador Emma
kennel previ Princeps
Labradors Betsey, Pätu, golden Jack

Pages maintained by us:
kennel Phoenix Emperor
kennel Unget at Able
kennel Flintstyle